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Hansjoerg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Wed Aug 1 14:41:14 GMT 2001


> Again, I have seen and reported this very same problem. I am not the
> first to address it here in samba-tech. Apparently, no one seems to have
> any idea what the problem is as I have had pratically no responses from
> anyone. I did send a truss output to David Collier-Brown at Sun, but he
> left for vacation that very day and has probably not been able to look
> at it. Otherwise, I've heard nothing so far. It's quite frustrating that
> printing works so well under FreeBSD but nearly not at all under
> Solaris!
I  am not sure, if it is a solaris related Problem.
When I am opening the  printer queue of one printer on NT,  samba
queries ALL unix printer attached to the printserver, which takes about
30 s
and then updates the information.

I am using cups as the unix printing system, but I have to access it as

printing = cups

shows two jobs for each printjob (one with the correct name and size and
one with the date as name and a size of 16 Bytes.
Deleting jobs won't work with ptinting = cups.
The first "real" jon is deleted in the windows queue (with "error
processing command").
The second job (date as filename) can't be cancelled.
In the Unix queue is only one job, which isn't canceled.

Thank you



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