Time for showing Printer Information

Alan Malek axu at cypress.com
Wed Aug 1 13:46:51 GMT 2001

Hansjoerg Maurer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed yesterdays 2.2 CVS (on solaris2.8)  and I recognized,
> that it is now possible to set default settings and default document
> properties .
> (2.2.1.a  changed the default values when installing printers on the
> client)
> Great Work!
> We have 12 printers connected to the samba server.
> When I open the Printer Share from a NT client it takes about one minute
> to show all printers.
> Showing printer properties and updating the printer queue takes about 10
> times longer the on our NT oer PC-Netlink server.
> I have recognized, that samba querys each printer queue when opening the
> printer share.
> The first try to open the printer fails.
> Do I have a broken configuration or is the "printer speed" a known
> problem  and is there a solution?

Again, I have seen and reported this very same problem. I am not the
first to address it here in samba-tech. Apparently, no one seems to have
any idea what the problem is as I have had pratically no responses from
anyone. I did send a truss output to David Collier-Brown at Sun, but he
left for vacation that very day and has probably not been able to look
at it. Otherwise, I've heard nothing so far. It's quite frustrating that
printing works so well under FreeBSD but nearly not at all under

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