global_oplock_break: comment and possible bug

jonathan bright jonathan.bright at
Mon Apr 30 03:19:40 GMT 2001

my last post was rather terse.
a key point is that reply_mknew() is not protected by

any comments on the following scenario:

windows clients WC1 and WC2 have a file open with a
shared oplock each.  WC3 comes in and tries to open up the
file with no oplock.  open_mode_check() for WC3 results in
WC1 breaking to no oplock.  further suppose that the share
mode check for WC3 vs. WC1 fails for some reason.  if
now WC1 decides to write to the file, the call 
release_level_2_oplocks_on_change() will return without
breaking WC2s shared oplock.  which if true, sounds bad.


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