Password encryption in 2.2.0

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Apr 25 15:28:10 GMT 2001

Joe Meslovich wrote:
> Jeremy,
>         I have several win 95 clients on my network and I am having
> password problems with those users. I had used samba-2.0.6 in the past and
> am now using the latest cvs version of 2.2.0. I have a rather simple
> question. Has anything changed that would change how the lanman hash is
> created. If I look at a password that had been set by the 2.0.6 version of
> smbpasswd I get:
> jam002:8663:9C6602D2622F49641664635A22D01271:617B07A0803FA6981960CADCAA059CF3:[U
>           ]:LCT-3AE6E102:
> If I look at the same entry with the same password only this time setting
> it with the 2.2.0 version I get:
> jam002:8663:9C6602D2622F4964613E9293942509F0:9550C6CA481F99CF8A50547B752D85A6:[U
>           ]:LCT-3AE6E7C8:
> >From the smbpasswd man pages I don't understand why the lanman part is
> different. Has the string used by the DES encyption been changed? Even
> though they were set by different versions shouldn't the lanman be
> identical?

These are *definately* two different passwords. Look at the MD4 hash (the
second set of 32 bytes). It's completely different.

The code to generate the MD4 hashes has not changed between
2.0.x and 2.2.0.


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