Need Help: WINS-Server and PDC

Norbert Püschel Pueschel.Norbert at
Tue Apr 24 13:25:02 GMT 2001

Hi !

I want to use the following setup: 

- Samba is running with security = domain and password verification via
the DCs
- Now I need a WINS-Server, as part of the clients is relocated behind a
router. I would like to use Samba
  as WINS-Server (as setting up WINS on NT is a nightmare).

Problem: The clients that use WINS are unable to find the DCs (because
the DCs are _not_ configured to use the WINS-Server for various
reasons). Instead I would like to make static entries in wins.dat for
the DCs, 
but I don't know what entries I have to make ... <DOMAIN>#1B / 1C / 1D ?
What flags do I have to use ?
Can anybody give me some pointers ?

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