Failed to marshall NET_R_SAM_LOGON w/Win2k & PAM

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Apr 23 18:00:46 GMT 2001

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Credentials check wrong doesn't have anything to do with
> pam - it means the session key is incorrect (look above,
> it's zero !).
> This means theres a problem with the machine account
> password.

Yeah I know.  Was just pointing it out.  Funny thing is
that there are 2 sam logons in the log I sent you and the
second one looks ok.

See below.

  deal_with_creds: 187
        sess_key : 5CD18E3568B2A0EF
        stor_cred: 934EEE6FCAD83B2F
        timestamp: 3ae04fcd
        timecred : 609ECEAACAD83B2F
        calc_cred: FE09AA8E1B8927F2
        challenge : FE09AA8E1B8927F2
        calculated: FE09AA8E1B8927F2
  credentials check ok
  deal_with_creds: new_cred[0]=aace9e61
  deal_with_creds: new_clnt_time=3ae04fce
        sess_key : 5CD18E3568B2A0EF
        stor_cred: 934EEE6FCAD83B2F
        timestamp: 3ae04fce
        timecred : 619ECEAACAD83B2F
        calc_cred: 4EDBF0081C3E757D
  deal_with_creds: clnt_cred=934EEE6FCAD83B2F
  SAM Logon (Interactive). Domain:[SAMBA].  User:[jaenicke]

Cheers, jerry
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