Slow and failing ACL modification using Samba 2.2.0 on Solaris

Johannes Tyve Johannes.Tyve at
Mon Apr 23 14:06:35 GMT 2001

I'm trying to modify my ACLs using Security/Permissions on my NT 4.0

After pressing the Permission button it takes 15-30 seconds until the
Permission dialog box appers. This behavior was also reported by Max
Ahston on the Samba mailinglist.

Trying to add a user or directory I have to wait another 15-30 sec.
before I get the following message:

"You may not be able to browse all of the domains to which you have
access because the following error occurred: The list of servers for
this workgroup is not currently available"

No users/groups are then listed in the "Add Users and Groups" dialog but
I'm able to search for users and groups.

Using a Win 2000 Workstation things are running smoth (no waiting) and
groups are listed i the Permissons dialog but no users.

Also modification of printer properties are slow using NT. RPC problem


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