Problem with linux permissions mapped to WinNT rights

Olaf Frączyk olaf at
Mon Apr 23 08:26:59 GMT 2001

I noticed something strange with mapping ACLs to WinNT rights.
samba 2.2.0 from RH rpm, no acl support, kernel 2.4.3 without ACL support,
WinNT 4.0 Workstation ServicePack 6a Polish:
Step 1: give all permisions to user,group,world eg. chmod 777 testfile
Step 2: look at permisions from WinNT: looks good, user,group and everyone
have rwx access.
Step 3: Remove from WinNT all (rwx) access for Everyone
Step 4: Close window in WinNT
Step 5: Check permissions, you will get:
linux: rights for file: r--------, from WinNT: user:R,group:O,
everyone:O. O=take ownership (translated from polish).
So, why, when I change permissions for everyone, also permissions for
group, and owner gets changed!?
Similiar behaviour is when I remove all rights for group.

Exactly the same behaviour for the above cases I have for:
samba --with-acl-support, and kernel with XFS ACLs. Additionally,
when removing access for everyone, or for group, all other users added
to ACL, also lost their rights.

Everything is good, if when removing all rights for Everyone or for group
I set the 'O' right for them in WinNT. 

And one more thing, when ACL support enabled, I can't change permissions
on files which are on file system without ACL support:
xfs - I can change permissions,
ext2 - I can't change (I can, when I don't enable ACL support)


Olaf Fraczyk, <olaf at>

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