ACL's and samba 2.2

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Sat Apr 21 22:52:41 GMT 2001

Jeremy Allison schrieb:
> I'm doing the fchmod_acl as doing a O_CREAT will create
> a file and set the ACL mask to something other than rwx.
> Samba works hard to set the ACL entries to be exactly
> what is required for access - and having an ACL mask of anything
> than rwx will screw that up. Normally, the kernel recalculates
> the mask depending on the group permissions when a file is
> created. So what I do is create the file, then go back and
> re-write the group permissions to be what I wanted in the mode_t
> of the open, and set the ACL mask back to rwx. This has the same
> effect as doing the open without it on system security, but leaves
> the mask in the correct state for Samba.
> That's what the fchmod_acl() call is for.

I can reproduce the problems also by simply viewing permissions with the
Windows client. Using the chacl command under Linux works OK.

I haven't noticed any problems with Samba 2.2 + ACLs under
Solaris 2.7, so I guess there is something happening in interface
between Samba and the XFS ACLs.

... Juergen

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