ACL's and samba 2.2

John Trostel jtrostel at
Fri Apr 20 14:59:16 GMT 2001

I see from your other e-mail that you did find the libabcl.a library. 
Currently, I am seeing some "interesting" behavior with XFS ACLs in the new
Samba 2.2 though.

The stress test I am doing takes 53 1.6MB files and copies them (XCOPY) from a
WinNT box to a network attached XFS Samba share into several different
directories and then rinses, lathers and repeats... Unfortunately, the disk
space does not seem to be released when the files are being overwritten. 
Eventually the disk fills up and the process errors out.  I'll be working on
this today and post an update when I figure it out.

Now... here's the real interesting part:

1. The test fails (runs out of disk space) after about 8 iterations of writing
about 210 MB of data to a 2 GB XFS partition with --with-acl-support

2. The test ALSO fails after about 8 iterations if I reformat the partition
(mkfs -text2 /dev/hda8) to be EXT2 with --with-acl-support

3. The test SUCCEEDS with the ext2 partition and no --with-acl-support

I am planning on doing the following:

1. I just zeroed out the partition (cp /dev/zero /dev/hda8) and will reformat
as ext2 again and try with --with-acl-support.

2. I will try doing the same procedure without Samba 'in the loop'.

I suspect that something in the --with-acl-support that gets turned on with XFS
is not clearing inodes as it should so I'll look real carefully at both
lib/sysacls.c and smbd/posix_acls.c for leaks and non-released resources.

Mark.... could you try this stress test with your XFS system and see if you get
the same behavior?

On 20-Apr-2001 Mark Bradbury wrote:
> Hi
> I was wondering if it is possible to use XFS acl with the new samba 2.2
> i tryed a ./configure --with-acl-support
> and got this line
> checking whether to support ACLs... checking for acl_get_file in -lacl... no
> Is there a library that would make this work?

John M. Trostel
Linux OS Engineer
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