Changing Domains from NT4 / AD 2000

Kirk Shimek Kirk.Shimek at
Thu Apr 12 13:28:04 GMT 2001

Okay - this is my fault - not enough information.

I cannot change the UNIX logins.  We have a CAD system here that uses the UNIX login names as the project names.  Cannot easily / readily make project name changes because of all the security and links the CAD system uses.

So the only solution is to use a user-name-map (which I believe I can) or if this won't work, tell all my SAMBA users that we'd have to install an NFS client for the interim of transition between NT4.0 and AD-2000, OR finally . . . nobody can use SAMBA until the entire environment has been converted.

All ideas and solutions are welcome.  Thanks again for all the responses.

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