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Wed Apr 11 12:13:26 GMT 2001

Herbert Lewis wrote:
> The problem comes when
> someone has CFLAGS set in their environment (maybe they don't
> even realize it is set or they set it because they need extra
> options) and then [...]

	CFLAGS is really intended as a macro to be set
	and expanded in Makefiles: on Solarii, even if you
	set in your environment, make won't look at it
	unless you say "make -e"

	It wasn't supported at all in the older makes, so
	changing it in makefiles is the **only** way. I first
	say make programs reading it from the enviromnemt on
	GCOS 6.

	If someone **needs** it set in their environment
	they can wrapper the cc command with a script,
	like Unix programmers do...

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