jonathan bright jonathan.bright at
Tue Apr 10 20:32:33 GMT 2001

hi samba gurus.

the way that the oplock/share_mode stuff is handled in open_file_shared()
is inconvenient for a project that i am working on. i would like to
move this processing to a centralized locking server, and have each smbd
process make RPC calls to this server, waiting for an acknowledgement
when the open is complete.

a few things about open_file_shared() don't seem terribly

1- how oplocks are broken before share modes are checked.
   (yes, i read the comment)
2- how each entry is processed one by one.  seems more sensible
   to break all of the oplocks in one pass, and then to wait for
   acks from everyone.  i'm not sure if the distributed interactions
   of multiple smbds in open_file_shared() would have anything to
   do with this.

i can certainly emulate this logic in the code i'm working on,
but i'd rather not.  does samba operate in this way because it
has to otherwise applications will not work, or because of an
abstract principal that samba should always emulate NT no matter

actually, the absolutely most useful piece of advice anyone
could give me would be how i can make sure my code is correct when
i'm done.

thanks for any pointers.

jon bright
jonathan bright
jonathan.bright at
415.820.7322 - voicemail/fax

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