Print Sharing under 2.2 a3

Tom Syroid tom at
Tue Apr 10 16:01:36 GMT 2001

Good day folks,

Samba 2.2.0a3
Linux 7.0
LJ 6L on the box, configured as a share

Installed 'a3' last week without incident. Tried to configure a Win2K box 
to use the attached/shared LJ. The configuration dialogs informed me no 
drivers were available (endless loop), and wouldn't let me select to 
install from a local source.

Solved the problem by uninstalling 2.2.0a3, installing 2.0.7, configuring 
the printer share on the Win2K box, then removing 2.0.7 and re-installing 
2.2.0a3. All worked as advertised.

I've just added another Win2K box to the network, and I want to configure 
it to use the printer attached to the RH Samba share.

Question: is there an easier way than the hoops I jumped through above? 
There must be... something I'm missing... Or is it a matter of waiting for 
the final?


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