Netbios alias -max names or chars

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Thu Apr 5 07:04:41 GMT 2001

Hi Mark,

Having played with netbios aliases a lot here. Their main use is only
for browsing: to register those names with WINS and to broadcast them
to the local subnet. If you aren't using WINS, or are OK about the
WINS lookups failing over to DNS, then you don't need to bother with
them and can just use DNS cnames instead.

You can use the multiple config include files either way (using %L) if
you want the users to see different shares available according to what
they are talking to, that doesn't depend on netbios aliases. At the
end of the day all the connections end up just going to an IP address
and save for the protocol including the name the client thinks it is
talking to (which is what is plugged into %L), Samba really doesn't

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