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Thanks for the fast reply. I am involved in a large project where we are
migrating a bunch of apps off about 15 machines (Small suns through a bunch
of E6000's). There are about 260 applications and we are going to put them,
initially, on one E10k. Many of these apps require Samba access. The
standard here is that each app must have it's own DNS entry and therefore
for those using samba, their own netbios name.

In terms of Network traffic I don't think that there will be much difference
as these apps already have their own netbios name, just spread around a
number of machines. I want to make sure that we *can* put that many netbios
aliases on the one samba instance.



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Hi Mark,
The variable that holds this info is Globals.szNetBiosAliases;
Globals is a type struct,
and szNetbiosAliases is char *szNetbiosAliases
so theoretically, it has no fixed size limit;  I didn't see any arbitrary
limit as to the number of aliases the method used to read in this parameter
being set either.
But there are other considerations in terms of performance and network
as each one of the aliases is going to be broadcast/registered with wins
server, etc.
at startup, and periodically after that...
You might want to share more of what you are doing and why; someone on the
list might
have a 'better' way of implementing your solution.
Hope this helps,

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Hello all
Can someone tell me the maximum amount of names or characters that can be
put on the "netbios aliases" line in the smb.conf. We have situation where
we potentially need to put up to 200 names on the line (big machines, one
name per application).

P.S. Apologies for the large disclaimer. 

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