samba 2.07 performance - large num files in dir

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Apr 4 13:32:18 GMT 2001

Greg Marion wrote:
> I was just wondering if the issue with having a large number of files in
> a
> dir with regard to performance is fixed in a release of samba beyond
> 2.07? Or - how can I avoid this problem of samba searching through
> all the files in a dir when a new file is being created. Samba 2.07
> helps,
> buy once it's cache is overrun then performance starts to lag. Here is
> a snip from the samba log file:

> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

	If you happen to be using Solaris, either
	Ss 7 or 8, add "logging" to the options field
	in yout vfstab and remount the disk.

	The Solaris metatdata-loggiong option helps
	applications whih do lots of directory 
	foolishness: it indirectly helps searches
	by freeing up pessimaly-retained cache pages.

	Changing the subject slightly, I didn't realize
	thre was a samba-side cache, although I know it was
	discussed.  Perhaps an option of the form
		# Tell samba how many entries to expect
		largest dir = 2049  
	might be used to hint at a cache size???

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