How can I get SID of windows user connecting to samba

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Wed Apr 4 09:29:23 GMT 2001

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Maulik Desai wrote:

> >     I have certain doubts in my understanding of the samba.
> >    please clear these issues for me .
> >    1,  The user name I give in windows box  for connection to my samba
> > server .will that user have a SID for it.
> In Windows, each domain user gets a unique SID. If you're using "domain
> level" security in Samba, Samba will get the user SID (as well as domain
> SID & group SIDs) from the PDC if validation is successful.
> >     if it has the SID. in samba where we storing that SID .
> The user's SID is not stored because Samba does not have any use for
> it locally. Samba will map the windows user to his/her Unix account
> and use the corresponding uid to identify the user locally.
> >    2,   Is the user name we give in the windows box be
> > validated in the
> > windows also or he will simply sent the password and user name to the
> > samba server.
> The client sends the credentials to the server it is trying to connect
> to - it does not attempt to validate the user locally.
This is not entirely correct.
Windows by default caches the credentials, so it may authenticate you also
when the domain is not available under certain conditions.

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