2.2.0alpha3: Internal error

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at hni.uni-paderborn.de
Tue Apr 3 11:22:44 GMT 2001


> Ok - I've nailed the problem. I shouldn't have been keeping
> a pipe backpointer in a policy handle to a pipe that may go
> away :-).
> Apply this patch (not you'll have to do a make clean; make
> as I've changed the size of a structure).
> I've checked this into HEAD and 2.2.
> Thanks a *lot* for your help tracking this one down.

No problem - I am also very interested in a stable version.

I have attached the patch - didn't get an internal error again yet. I tried
both PostScript and PCL-Driver - works!

But: I still have the same problem as before concerning printer driver
settings for page defaults. The default page size of the printer driver
is set to "A4", but all applications don't care and set the page to "Letter"
which leads to unprinted pages and a nasty comment in the printer's
display "Please insert 'Letter' paper".

Are these default settings saved on the samba server? In the ntdrivers.tdb?
Is this file read when an application creates a new page? I really need
this feature.

If you could help me once more - would be great.



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