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Mon Apr 2 15:36:35 GMT 2001

The internals of Samba itself are sparsely documented.  Samba is dynamic.
It changes and grows all of the time, so it is difficult to really
document Samba itself. 

However, if you visit the nearest Samba web site and choose the
"documentation" link from the menu at the top, you will find a list of
links to on-line information about Samba and about the protocols that
Samba implements.

I have been working on documenting the protocols.  You can see my stuff at

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> Hi,
>    Please let me subscribe to the Samba technical news letters. I am in an
> urgent need to understand the internals of Samba and the architecture of the
> entire sw including what each module is doing and how they are interacting
> with each other. If any kind of design document kind of staff is available
> for Samba please let me know.
>   Thanks.
> Saptarshi Mondal
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