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David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Sep 29 15:58:43 GMT 2000

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Coding Projects
> ---------------
> All coding work needs to be coordinated with Jeremy 
> and Andrew at the very least on samba-technical.
> Don't just start coding and expect patches to 
> automatically be integrated in.  Obviously. projects 
> by specific team members, winbind for example, need 
> to be coordinated with those team members in charge.
> For those without CVS write access (non-team members),
> patches should be incremental and in the form of 
> context diffs.

Is that right?  Nice in theory, but in practice...?

I assembled a post-2.0.7 patch for utmp back in May.  This was made
against a production 2.0.7 baseline.

But I had a note from Jeremy saying he just tried to put it into 2_2,
and that it doesn't work, and could I re-do it etc. etc.

Yes, I'm very willing to try to cooperate.  But surely the "team"  (those
maintaining the CVS tree) should try to ensure that a patch against the
most recent production version should be valid.

(I've tried checking this twice with Jeremy, but no answer...)

Two questions:

1. (Principle) Have I misunderstood the principle?  Could a team member
   confirm that patches against the most recent production version are

2. (For my umtp patch)  Could a team member indicate whether 2_2 was
   branched off before 2.0.7 was finally released?  I can easily supply
   the patch if you wish to try to apply it (and/or to demonstrate that
   the problem lies at my end).

If someone's patch fails to apply to the current production release then
there is a reasonable expectation for them to fix their patch.  But if it
does apply cleanly, who is responsible for reconciling it with the
emerging next release?


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