TODO list proposal for volunteers

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Sep 29 15:24:26 GMT 2000

Chris Farey wrote:
> Gerald Carter wrote:
> > This is a very rough list of items off the top of
> > my head.
> >
> >   o Help Chris Hertel with WINS failover implementation
> >     issues
> What exactly does this do?

The ability to fail over to using a second WINS server
if the first one is unavailable.  The behavior models
that of listing multiple DC's in a password server line.
The work on this is basically done I'm told.

Of course, all the WINS servers need to be synchronized,
but that is another discussion.  I can lookup the 
thread on samba-technical of you're interested in 
more information.

> >   o possible password and group backend API redesign.
> >     This will go hand in hand with the current LDAP
> >     endeavors.
> We could be interesting in helping with this.

This is currently underway.  Stay tuned to this list.

> >   o UNICODE support (this is a **big** project)
> We are interested in helping with this.

Wonderful.  I know Jeremy started this before. It is 
a rather large project I think.  Jeremy?  

> We are also interested in support for NT-style ACLs and 
> NT file streams.

Jeremy is getting the ACL implementation in the 2.2.0 release
(betas due out next week hopefully).  Don't know about file 
stream implementations.  

Jeremy, any chance of digging you out of code for a 
few comments? :-)

Cheers, jerry
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