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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Sep 29 14:55:55 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Coding Projects
> ---------------
> All coding work needs to be coordinated with Jeremy
> and Andrew at the very least on samba-technical.
> Don't just start coding and expect patches to
> automatically be integrated in.  Obviously. projects
> by specific team members, winbind for example, need
> to be coordinated with those team members in charge.
> For those without CVS write access (non-team members),
> patches should be incremental and in the form of
> context diffs.
> I'm assuming if you want to code, you probably already
> know how to get the source branches via anonymous CVS.
> If not, see

Jean-Francois reminding me to mention that anyone interested
in actively participated in development will probably want to
subscribe to samba-cvs as well for cvs commit logs.

Cheers, jerry
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