libsmb in samba-tng

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Sep 29 04:21:12 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter writes:

> > I've been doing some coding trying to implement 
> > smb (clientside) into a test application of my own. 
> > This worked quite well with samba-2.0.7, however, this
> > version doesn't build a separate
> <summary>
>   TNG has shared libraries.  HEAD does not.  smbclient 
>   has not been updated in TNG since that was not related
>   to the rpc development work
> </summary>

It's a little bit more complicated than that.  There are some
questions whether the libtool stuff is the right way to go or
not.  The whole "let's wrap everything up in a shell script" is
pretty ugly.

Making a more or less standalone libsmb could be another
interesting project for someone to have a look at.  Currently, if
you want to use any of the functions in libsmb, you also need
PARAM_OBJ, DEBUG_OBJ, UBIQX_OBJ and probably some other random

Untangling all the coupling between the various samba subsystems
would be great for reusing code in other projects.


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