request for projects ideas for volunteers

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Sep 28 23:29:01 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter writes:

> > I think it would be neat to rewrite the debugging system to
> > support a bit more granularity.  I.e be able to turn on rpc


> Is this what you mean?  OpenLDAP uses a set of 
> debugging bitmasks.
> 	Level	Description
> 	-----	-----------
> 	-1 	enable all debugging 
> 	0	no debugging 

Yup - this is pretty much what I had in mind.

> For a long time, I have wanted documented guidelines
> for what information should be logged at what level.

That also would be neat.  I have the impression that a lot of
debugging messages are just left in there when the original
author of the code was testing it.  Subsequent people have
probably left them in thinking they were important.

It's a hard problem though.  I don't know whether you can write a
set of rules for what should be debug messages and what

> How do people feel about consolidating the text files
> into a single HTML-ized version.  

How about yodlising all the docs and generating text and html

> Again, I've got volunteers so if we think it would 
> be a good idea, I'll help coordinate it.

Good stuff!



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