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Thu Sep 28 15:56:52 GMT 2000

[copied to samba-docs for the documentation proposal
at the end]

Tim Potter wrote:
> Gerald Carter writes:
> > I need to put together a TODO list for volunteers.  I
> > have 3 - 4 people so far of ranging skills and experience.
> > What I want to do is to provide a TODO list periodically
> > and help coordinate efforts.
> >
> > It would be very helpful if we could pinpoint some items
> > that need to be done.  Please do not respond with "PDC
> > support" as this type of answer is to broad and needs to
> > broken.  For example, these are the kinds of things I'm
> > looking for.
> I think it would be neat to rewrite the debugging system to
> support a bit more granularity.  I.e be able to turn on rpc
> debugging at level 10, but not have to wade through all the smb
> packet stuff.  Perhaps something like using the top level bits in
> the DEBUGLEVEL variable to denote a subsystem (rpc, smb, print,
> whatever).  We can even use tridge's tricky message passing code
> to change subsystems on the fly!
> As a programming job, this shouldn't be too hard but it could be
> tricky categorising the existing debugs.

Is this what you mean?  OpenLDAP uses a set of 
debugging bitmasks.

	Level	Description
	-----	-----------
	-1 	enable all debugging 
	0	no debugging 
	1 	trace function calls 
	2 	debug packet handling 
	4 	heavy trace debugging 
	8 	connection management 
	16 	print out packets sent and received 

So for example, a debug level of 17 would trace 
function calls and print out packets. 

For a long time, I have wanted documented guidelines
for what information should be logged at what level.

> >   o proof read and copy edit xxx documentation
> Most of the docs/textdocs are out of date and 
> could do with some reformatting.

How do people feel about consolidating the text files
into a single HTML-ized version.  

Again, I've got volunteers so if we think it would 
be a good idea, I'll help coordinate it.

Cheers, jerry
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