libsmb in samba-tng

Jelmer Feenstra spark at
Thu Sep 28 19:34:07 GMT 2000


I've been doing some coding trying to implement smb (clientside) into a test 
application of my own. This worked quite well with samba-2.0.7, however, this 
version doesn't build a separate

So I tried samba-tng from CVS, but the functions available in libsmb/ seem to 
have changed. The main problem I'm dealing with is that smbclient can't list 
shares of win2000/nt5 systems :( Neither can it connect to a win2000/NT5 
system. I was wondering, howcome it is present in 2.0.7 but not in samba-tng ?

I really hope someone can help me clarify this.

Thanks in advance,

Jelmer Feenstra

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