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> I need to put together a TODO list for volunteers.

My contract with Amiga is drawing to a close.  These are the things that 
I hope to have time to work on in the next six months:

- jCIFS project.

  This is probably at the top of my list.  (For those who 
  missed it, jCIFS is a Java client for CIFS/SMB.)

        Some more (technical) details ?


- Samba.
  + Finish the WINS failover.
  + Revisit the idea of Multi-WINS support.
  + There was a patch made available to us that would make our NBNS 
    Server more RFC compliant.  The RFCs specify that a list of names 
    should be returned when the WINS server receives a NAME QUERY on a 
    group name.  MS didn't do this--they return only ff.ff.ff.ff.  This 
    is bogus, but we do it too.  The proposed fix is to return a list
    with ff.ff.ff.ff as the first entry.  OS/2 (and yes, they still sell
    it) expects the correct answer.  This fix is a compromise.  We'll see
    if it works.
  + Olaf Barthel, a friend of mine, has been porting Samba to the 
    non-Posix Amiga platform.  He has a long list of bug fixes *beyond* 
    the changes he makes to get Samba to work on a non-Posix platform.
    I want to work with him on his next port and move any general-purpose 
    fixes back into the main Samba tree.

That is a very ambitious list, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris -)-----

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    with your choose them as your guides, and following
    them you will reach your destiny.  --Carl Schultz

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