request for projects ideas for volunteers

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Sep 28 06:11:47 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter writes:

> I need to put together a TODO list for volunteers.  I 
> have 3 - 4 people so far of ranging skills and experience.
> What I want to do is to provide a TODO list periodically
> and help coordinate efforts.
> It would be very helpful if we could pinpoint some items 
> that need to be done.  Please do not respond with "PDC 
> support" as this type of answer is to broad and needs to 
> broken.  For example, these are the kinds of things I'm 
> looking for.

I think it would be neat to rewrite the debugging system to
support a bit more granularity.  I.e be able to turn on rpc
debugging at level 10, but not have to wade through all the smb
packet stuff.  Perhaps something like using the top level bits in
the DEBUGLEVEL variable to denote a subsystem (rpc, smb, print,
whatever).  We can even use tridge's tricky message passing code
to change subsystems on the fly!

As a programming job, this shouldn't be too hard but it could be
tricky categorising the existing debugs.

>   o proof read and copy edit xxx documentation

Most of the docs/textdocs are out of date and could do with some


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