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Mon Sep 25 01:06:36 GMT 2000

Dear Jumping,

You have stumbled onto the wrong list.  The Samba-Technical list is for 
detailed technical discussions about the inner workings of Samba and the 
SBM/CIFS protocol suite in general.

Don't worry, you're not the first.  Still, all follow-ups should be 
posted to the main Samba discussion list: samba at

That said, Samba will allow you to make Linux shares available to your 
Windows, DOS, OS/2, &c. clients.  If you want to see the shares on a 
Macintosh, you have two options:

1) Run the commercial product 'Dave' from Thursby on your Mac.  This will 
   allow the Mac to 'see' and mount windows and Samba shares.

2) Run Netatalk on the Linux box.  That allows your Linux box to act as an 
   Appleshare server.

Good luck.

> dear sir or madam
> i am a newbie to unix and linux
> i was wondering if i can set up linux so i can see file shares from windows
> network neighborhood and apple mac os chooser?
> if so where can i find out how to do this
> thank you so much
> -Jon 

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