Samba 2.0.7 memory leaks .. continued..

P Ranjit Kumar ranjit at
Fri Sep 22 18:34:53 GMT 2000

I looked at the patch submitted by Jeremy. It looks good but I have

The new reset_stat_cache function reads ..

BOOL reset_stat_cache( void )
     static BOOL initialised;
     if (!lp_stat_cache()) return True;

     if (!initialised) {
         initialised = True;
         return hash_table_init( &stat_cache, INIT_STAT_CACHE_SIZE,
     return True;
} /* reset_stat_cache  */

I think there is a problem with this function. For example, when the stat
cache is already initialized and this function called, it simply deletes the
existing cache and does not bother to re-allocate and initialize the cache

The function name seems to indicate that, its original purpose is to just
reset the cache than deleting it altogether. Is this the reason why Teemu is
seeing the profile corruptions?

- Ranjit

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