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Thu Sep 21 16:49:28 GMT 2000


Samba is designed to run on Unix.  Posix in particular.  The fact that
Olaf is able to do an Amiga port of Samba *without* using the Unix
emulation library is a testament to his abilities as a programmer.

I have met Olaf, and I like him a lot.  I am planning on working with him
when he does the next Amiga port.  Any clear bug-fixes he puts out will be
moved back into the main tree.  Simple fixes to improve portability will
also go.  Anything more complex than that will require discussion. 

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[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
> > >         I've looked at the mechanisms in Samba and, IMHO
> > >         1) it can be improved somewhat
> > >         2) it **might** be overkill
> > >         3) the system could do it better.
> > 
> > Check out the changes in Samba 2.2.0/HEAD to do this
> > via an fcntl/POSIX realtime signal based mechanism (Linux
> > kernel patch available).
> I guess us with an OS without any Posix layer, have to emulate even more
> then :)
> Cheers
> Ulf

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