2.2 split has taken place.

Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Wed Sep 20 23:19:21 GMT 2000

anders at cwd.no writes:

> Speaking of ACL's:
>         Does anyone know if there is an effort to create support for the 
> (unstable) Linux ACLS?
>         For info on Linux ACLs: http://acl.bestbits.at/
>         If it's not too much effort, it might be a good idea to have an 
> option --with-linux-acls or similar
>         so that whent the ACLs get more used, we're actually there in 
> advance.
>         Does anyone know what would be needed for such an solution?
>         Is there an acl-API in place in samba?

I believe the Samba ACL support will be based around POSIX ACLs
so it should work with the above project as well as any other
operating system that implements POSIX ACLs.



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