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Wed Sep 20 18:47:11 GMT 2000

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> A "quick hack" I may add to 2.2.0 to improve the user
> response for the >99% of OS's that don't have this feature :-)
> is to reshedule a changenotify scan on a rename call

	Hmmn: what set is sufficient...  lest do this
	one by exhaustion.

	In the underlying Unix (or unix-like) filesystem,
	the possible set of operations which affect
	the directory (as opposed to the file) is strictly 
	determined by the operations defined on the inode:

	a) 	add file
		remove file
		rename file 
	affect the contents of the directory, and therefor
	the directory inode's changed time.

	b)	read file
		write file
	affect the file's inode changed time, 

	c) 	chmod file (and chacl file)
		chown file
		chgrp file
		change number of links to file
		truncate file
		change setuid/setgid/sticky
	affect only the inode modified time

	d) change file type isn't implemented directly: it
	requires destruction & re-creation, so gets subsumed 
	by (a), and

	e) 	lock file
		unlock file
	affect none of the timestamps.

	So I'll claim that create, delete and rename file
	are the only operations that should trigger a 
	change notify on the directory, and the saved
	directory change times will suffice to identify
	which directories to send a notify for.

	Changing the algorithm to Jeremy's "hack" might
	be the necessary, sufficient and elegant solution...

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