sharing violation

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Sep 20 09:43:34 GMT 2000

[Puchta, Milos <M.Puchta at>]
> client Windows 2000Pro on Compaq Deskpro.  I have created files on
> client that I like to move to server.  Files from the same directory
> are copied except one or two files that are prohibited to move
> because of Share violation.

It sounds like a client problem.  Microsoft file locking is a lot more
complex than what we're used to on Unix.  This has good points and bad
points.  The bad points are that Microsoft's rules about what you can
do with files in use are a lot stricter than what I consider sensible.
For example you can't delete a file someone is using, which is a very
common thing to do in Unix.

[This is a real limitation when installing or removing software.  The
way NT gets around it is by having you reboot after making changes to
important files ... and actually *queueing* the move/rename/delete
operations for the next bootstrap.  Whose bright idea this was, I have
no idea, but I suspect it accounts for a lot of the mandatory rebooting
that Windows users take for granted.]

Anyway, if someone *is* using the files you are talking about, they
can't be moved to another machine because this entails deleting them
from the local machine.


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