Samba Printing

Gregor Fajdiga Gregor.Fajdiga at
Wed Sep 20 07:45:08 GMT 2000

When I'm printing through samba, I keep getting two files on samba
spool (path=/export). One of them has not much in it, actually it
has only %! in it, and the other is fully functional postscript I
have tried to print.

Printer under Win2K pro is using HP LaserJet 5/5M PS driver, as stated
in smbfax package and is using PSCRIPT.DLL i guess.

It is quite annoying because smbfax is my print command and it keeps
processing 2 files instead of one and sends two emails and one of them
is needless and annoying (guess which).

have a nice day - thanks for your time


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