Accessing samba across domains

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Sep 20 07:21:48 GMT 2000

[Rick Day < at>]
> We have two domains, both with a WinNT PDC, and a trust
> relationship between them.  There are two Sco Unix boxes
> in Domain1 running samba 2.0.6.   
> I am using "Security=Domain".

> I now want to allow a user in Domain2 access to the Sco 
> Unix boxes, but I can not work out how to do this.

Trust relationships are one-way, so it is possible to have "D1 trusts
D2" without "D2 trusts D1".  Make sure you have "D2 trusts D1" as that
is what you need.

Beyond that, make sure the Unix username (that is, /etc/passwd) exists
for everyone in Domain2, just like you have to do with Domain1.

Then it should work.  It works for me.


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