Samba 2.0.7 mem leaks, continued

Teemu Junnila (QRA) Teemu.Junnila at
Wed Sep 20 06:51:09 GMT 2000

Yes I am. I made the changes to filename.c, and only to it. After copying back the original filename.c it worked again. The profiles I am talking about are copied from H: to C: when a user logs in and then again back from C: to H: when logging out. It is this procedure that fails with the patch. I can not change anything in this procedure, it is corporate standard and maintained from elsewhere. I'm quite sure that the patch has no impact on the profiles as such, it is the copy that fails, just like the smbd had cut the thread before the operation is finished.


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"Teemu Junnila (QRA)" wrote:
> Too bad but I had to backout the patch. Especially W2000 clients began to have major problems accessing the user-profiles we synchronise to the server (in H:, mapped as home directory).
> I blew up my own profile totally, I had to pull the files back from a backup.

That patch shouldn't have had any effect on profiles.
Are you sure it was the patch that caused the problem ?



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