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Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Sep 20 02:05:06 GMT 2000

Samuel M Nojovits wrote:
> Hi
> I am useing win 2000 to log on to a samba share i could create
> delete folders but not rename . on nt and 98 it is fine

I just tested this - rename does work fine with Samba and
Win2k - the issue is that the explorer shell in w2k is
lazy when the server supports changenotify calls (which
Samba does) and doesn't bother to update the view even though
it knows a change has been made, it waits for the server
to respond to the changenotify. With a user level implementation
as is currently in Samba 2.0.7 it can be 30 seconds for
this update to come though.

I will look at forcing a faster update for the Samba 2.2.0


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	Samba Team.

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