Accessing samba across domains

Rick Day at
Wed Sep 20 02:26:58 GMT 2000

Thanks Ulf.  Unfortunately this is still not working.  All 
the points you suggest are fine.  Wins is working, the trust 
relationship is working for every thing else, I can ping, 
telnet, ftp, etc the Sco Unix boxes from second domain, and 
the Sco Unix boxes are in Wins and in network neibourhood.  
The only thing that does not work is mapping the drive from 
a workstation logged on with a user in the second domain.  
When I try to map the drive, I just get a message saying that 
the password is incorrect.   

I'm not sure of the internal mechanics of the logon process, 
but it's as if the user's domain name, or something specific to 
the user's domain is being passed as part of the authentication.  
So, when samba tries to authenticate a loginname from Domain2, 
it talks to the Domain1 PDC and then fails.  

Again any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Rick Day

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Here' my 2 cent worth of thoughts :-)

1. Setup WINS between the domains.
Make sure it's working 100% with replication etc.

2. Make sure the SCO boxes are configured to
use the correct WINS server for their broadcast domain/segment.

3. Make sure the trust relationship is working 100%,
there is lot's of bugs here on ms side, make sure to have latest SP applied

4. Test the connectivity, ping, rpcping etc

5. Check that your SCO boxes broadcast themself correct
and is in the wins database/Network Neiborhood.

6. Now test :)

Best of luck


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> Fra: Rick Day [ at]
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> Emne: Accessing samba across domains
> We have two domains, both with a WinNT PDC, and a trust
> relationship between them.  There are two Sco Unix boxes
> in Domain1 running samba 2.0.6.   
> I am using "Security=Domain".
> I now want to allow a user in Domain2 access to the Sco 
> Unix boxes, but I can not work out how to do this.  
> I have even set up a user with the same name and password
> on Domain1 just to see if I could get it working, but 
> with no success.
> Can someone give me some hints about how to do this.  
> Thanks you
> Rick Day

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