Excel Print to file problem with Samba Shares.

P Ranjit Kumar ranjit at cup.hp.com
Fri Sep 15 00:14:33 GMT 2000


This is my second message regarding the Excel Print to File problem.

Thanks to Jeremy for replying to my previous message. Jeremy suggested that
I fix the problem in nttrans.c. I added a little code to smbd/nttrans.c and
smbd/filename.c so that Samba now looks for invalid chars in a filename
before the file is opened.

Please look at the attached files for the fix. A new function
check_for_invalid_chars(char* ) is added to filename.c and is called from
reply_ntcreate_and_X() in nttrans.c

I would request all the folks out there to check this little code and let me
know if there are any problems with adding this code to Samba.


Note: Here is my previous message on this topic.

> Hello,
> Here is an observed problem with Microsoft Excel when using files on SAMBA
> shares.
> When a Excel's working directory is changed to the drive to which SAMBA
> share is mapped (To do this, just open excel, File->New, Type something,
> Click on save, in the save as window change the directory to samba share,
> then click on cancel.)
> Now, if you try to print to a file, Excel doesn't prompt you for a file
> and prints the file to a file named "file:" on the samba share.
> The reason is Excel sends NTCreate message with filename "file:", Since
> "file:" is a valid name on Unix Samba just accepts it. If the same
> is tryed on a NT share, the NT server rejects the "file:" as an invalid
> name (error code is NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID), then excel prompts for
> new filename to be entered by the user. I have tested this behavior.
> Samba "open file" needs to work around this defect. Along with the
> ":" there are a bunch of other characters in NT that make a file name
> invalid. They are \/*?<>|

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