[OT but please read] ORBS blacklisting ns1.samba.org

David Ford david at kalifornia.com
Fri Sep 15 23:37:57 GMT 2000

Sorry for the late reply to all.

Yes, I might have been bouncing it, this is how I found that samba and
netfilter servers were in ORBS.  I believe I have a functioning rule to avoid
that now.

If I bounce one of your emails, feel free to send me a note by any means you
can, I -do- make the effort to route around ORBS brokeness.


James Sutherland wrote:

> There's something seriously wrong with ORBS, it seems. My ISP's (NT based
> - they were bought by MS...) is NOT in ORBS, according to the WWW site -
> but I get occasional bounces citing ORBS as the reason.
> Come to think of it, I've a feeling david at kalifornia.com is one of the
> addresses doing it. Any insights, David??
> James.

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