Is there a simple way to map valid filename chars from one os to another

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Thu Sep 14 15:42:26 GMT 2000

Just when I thought everything was under control.

Stratus VOS has a different set of allowed chars for filenames. The problem
first showed up when an NT user wanted to create a New Folder. Well VOS does
not allow blanks. It also does not allow () that gets added for 2nd and
subsequent New commands.

I have 'fixed' those issues in filename.c/unix_convert.

Is this the correct approach for simple character translation?

A 2nd problem is that VOS is limited to 32 characters in a filename
( can have as many . as you like). The full path is 256.
At this point I am telling mgmt. we have to live with the 32 char
restriction. Am I missing an easy way to solve this as well?


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