new messaging system

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Sep 14 03:34:28 GMT 2000

> It would be nice if this could also be a command-line deal, eg.:
> $ smbdc

unless there is some sort of state information that smbcontrol will
store then a shell-like ability doesn't add anything that isn't
already available with your favourite shell. smbcontrol might evolve
into a shell like system at some stage, but I think that is a bit
premature at the moment.

One feature I do want to add is the ability of specifying a particular
smbd by other parameters, such as:

     smbcontrol user/tridge debug 9

which would set the debug level to 9 for the smbd that is logged in as
user "tridge". To support this I plan on adding a:
     message_add_alias(char *name);
function which would allow any part of the code to give itself an
"alias" which can be used to refer to the process. So nmbd would call
and winbindd would call:

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