new messaging system

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Sep 13 01:49:03 GMT 2000

> Has the split between HEAD and the 2.2.x branch been done yet?
> Or are we still working just in HEAD?

The split hasn't happened. I know Jeremy wanted me to hold off on this
messaging code till after the split - I discussed this with him and we
agreed that I'd put the basic infrastructure in but not use it in the
oplocks code until after the split. 

The code I have put in is quite non-intrusive at the moment as no
messages will go through the system in normal usage. 

The next step is for me to write a little program that I'll probably
call smbcontrol. It will have commands like:

     smbcontrol nmbd force-election
     smbcontrol smbd set-debug 7
     smbcontrol smbd/3267 set-debug 9

notice the differentiation between send to all and send to one pid in
the last two commands.

After that I'll want to start on the changes to the oplock code to get
rid of the UDP transport and use the message transport instead. It
would be good if the 2.2 split could happen before then.

Cheers, Tridge

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