Q: adding netatalk support/coding standards

Andru Luvisi luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu
Mon Sep 11 18:16:55 GMT 2000

The school I work at is considering using samba+netatalk on a file server,
but the problem of files "losing" their resource forks and type info when
they get renamed from the pc side is a serious one for us.

I noticed some unreferenced code which was a beginning at this goal.

I might be able to get the go ahead to work on it myself, but for it to be
viable for us, it would need to be in the main distribution (we can't
afford to maintain a custom set of patches).  SO... the questions are:
 1) Who puts things in the main distribution?
 2) Would they be willing to accept patches to samba adding netatalk
    integration, so that resource forks and file type info get moved
    and/or deleted as appropriate?
 3) What coding standards would I have to follow in order for them to
    accept such patches?

My apologies if these are answered on the samba web site.  I looked for
the answers, but admit that I could have missed them.  If you can answer
by posting a url, by all means go ahead and do so.

Andru Luvisi, Programmer/Analyst

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