VFS Implementation and user authentication

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Wed Sep 6 17:51:41 GMT 2000

Brad Sahr wrote:
> I would like to give my VFS implementation the opportunity to authenticate
> users based upon the username/password supplied to Samba. Apparently it's
> not as simple as passing the user and password (from make_connection() in
> the service.c module) to the VFS connect() function. Perhaps someone could
> point me in the proper direction so that the VFS can supply its own
> authentication?

Can you explain your problems in more detail please ?
What exactly do you need to do that the vfs layer is missing ?

Tim - this is why I don't want to ship vfs in 2.2.x, as
we still need more implementation experience with it before
we can freeze a first version of a vfs interface.


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