VFS Implementation and user authentication

Brad Sahr bsahr at macromedia.com
Wed Sep 6 22:03:39 GMT 2000


When a user connects to a Samba share, it appears to me that the user is
authenticated by smbd and then the VFS is notified 'after the fact' via a
call to the connect() function within the VFS. I need to have a remote
system authenticate a user before [s]he is hooked up to the VFS. I could do
this if Samba supplied the user's password along with the already supplied

In the future, I need to work with LDAP. I don't see anything in the VFS
associated with LDAP either, but there clearly is ldap support in Samba. Any
help understanding how the VFS could hook up with LDAP would be appreciated.

Jeremy, I see you refer to a 2.2.x release of Samba that <may|may not> have
the VFS functionality. Does this product roadmap have any visibility to
those of us outside the Samba developement team?


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> Brad Sahr wrote:
> >
> > I would like to give my VFS implementation the opportunity to
> authenticate
> > users based upon the username/password supplied to Samba.
> Apparently it's
> > not as simple as passing the user and password (from
> make_connection() in
> > the service.c module) to the VFS connect() function. Perhaps
> someone could
> > point me in the proper direction so that the VFS can supply its own
> > authentication?
> Can you explain your problems in more detail please ?
> What exactly do you need to do that the vfs layer is missing ?
> Tim - this is why I don't want to ship vfs in 2.2.x, as
> we still need more implementation experience with it before
> we can freeze a first version of a vfs interface.
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