chmod(2) problem

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Sep 5 12:34:36 GMT 2000

"B.V.Dean" wrote:
>> We got: User xxx publishing to area with files owned by yyy):
> utime(2) failing as it was not the file owner.
> chmod(2) setting mode to 764 failing as it was not the owner.
> chmod(2) setting mode to 664 (original setting) failing as it was not the
> owner.
> The SAMBA config directive (dos filetimes = yes) fixed the utime(2) problem.
> The SAMBA config directive (map archive = no) fixed the first chmod(2).
> We still had the last problem. chmod trying to set mode 664, even though the
> file was already this mode. I realised that this must be because it was not
> doing a "MAP ARCHIVE", so SAMBA did not know it had to ignore it!
> I decided to change the SAMBA source, I added a directive:
> dos mode = Yes/No - Default of No.

> Does this look OK? Have I broken security or caused any side affects? The code
> now works for me and Dreamweaver works. These changes have also fixed the
> problem that Dreamweaver always tried to update all files, not just those that
> had changed when you syncronised the site.

	The only thing that's weakened is the protection
	against members of the group setting the permissions
	of files owned by others.

	In the short run, this isn't a big thing: I read it
	as Samba attempting to set the mode bits as per an
	option in the config file, and the samba admin should
	be able to do that. [Please correct me if its isn't
	an smb.conf option being honored!]

	In the long run, it does open a window for an error
	when a client tries to set the permissions of a file
	via our emulation of ACLs: I suspect we won't want
	to allow that (ie, not honor dos mode in that module).

	Security experts: should we even need an option?
	I sort of think that create mode options should just
	be honored, wil-he nil-he.

	And is there a better, more descriptive, name that
	we could use for the option if it's picked up?

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