Samba 2.0.7 mem leaks, continued

Teemu Junnila (QRA) Teemu.Junnila at
Mon Sep 4 11:50:42 GMT 2000

Unfortunately, my samba processes are controlled by Veritas Cluster. It could off course be possible to break them out from the cluster and use inetd.conf, but the system serves several thousand users and has not one but several simultaneous logical nmbd/smbd services per one physical machine.
I think I keep on killing and starting the processes at nigth via cron untill a real fix/patch is done.

Teemu Junnila

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> ... but it appears to suggest a leak in the config file reloading
> code ...

One small observation: Based on Andrew's description, it sounds like
both affected sites might be able to temporarily work around their
problem by running smbd out of inetd, rather than as a standalone
daemon, on their production servers? That way you get a fresh smbd
process, which only ever parses the config file once, for each new

I use Samba 2.0.7 on Solaris 2.6 without problems, and it so happens
that I'm using inetd style, which might explain why I've not seen the
memory leak symptoms here.

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